We work with people and place to imagine compelling artistic interventions.


We work with communities

We imagine beautiful artistic projects that impact strongly on people and place

Our projects are built on rigorous research, strategic partnerships and compelling ideas

We attract funding, inspire participation and effect genuine change


OUR hallmarks

A combined grant pool success of over $5.5million

Artistic works seen by over 1 million people

Excellent participation numbers

Working across multiple platforms: performance, festival, mass citizen art, film, radio, interactive, public visual art

Creative partnerships across education, government, community, business, funders, residents, artists



Forging genuine connections between people through collective artmaking

Building the social and cultural capacity of communities

Creating enduring legacies

Making exciting art happen


how we work

We work in stages to develop your project.

You can contract us for any number of the following stages.

At the end of each stage you can continue with us or take the ideas forward in any way you choose.


  1. We meet with you to listen to your objectives and needs

  2. We research your project and meet with local people who share their knowledge and seed ideas

  3. We present draft ideas to you for discussion, selection and developing

  4. We develop the chosen ideas with detail, dates and artists, then present you with a high level project description with budget and timelines

  5. We develop partnerships that will inform the shape of the project and enable its realisation

  6. We develop a resources strategy with you

  7. We write or oversee grant applications for the project, in collaboration with you

  8. We secure artists, appoint personnel and realise the project

  9. We oversee the evaluation and documentation of the project





A prototype, low-cost house as the central image of the 2015 Big West Festival. HOUSE pushed the boundaries between architecture, art and social action, and significantly expanded the role of an arts festival.

Tableau14 copy.jpg

first convoy commemoration

A theatrical commemoration of 100 years since the departure of the first convoy of ships to WW1 from Melbourne's Princes Pier.

DSC_3880 small copy.jpg


Four permanent outdoor light galleries in the parks of four towns along the eastern shore of Westernport Bay, all activated by  by 100's of children and residents and powered LED lighting.